When you look at your roof, it may seem like it is one solid structure. However, your roof actually contains different systems and layers. Learning the purpose of each roof component will help you to catch issues and identify if you are in need of roof repair in Killeen Texas.

For roof repair in Killeen Texas, the experts at Hubbert roofing can perform different procedures such as gutter cleaning, shingle replacement and professional inspections. To help develop your knowledge of your roof, lets look over the components of a roof. The first component is the decking. When a new roof is being constructed, a roofer starts by laying out decking. Decking can be made from wood materials like plywood.

The Best Roof Repair in Killeen Texas

The purpose of decking is to provide the structural framework for the other components. The next component is the underlayment. Underlayment is installed on the surface of the decking to protect against wind and rain. It is made from asphalt and durable paper. When the underlayment has finished being installed, your roofer will recommend the ideal surface for the installation of your shingles.

After the underlayment, eave flashing is then installed to provide extra protection on the edges and eaves of the roof. The eave flashing directs water from these areas when it rains and snows. The last component are the roof shingles. This is visually the most identifiable part of a roof. You get the option when designing a new roof for your home on the type of shingles you want. Your choices are wood, tile or asphalt. The shingles provide a weather resistant and durable outer layer to your home. Remember to contact us at Hubbert roofing for roof repair in Killeen Texas, so that your roof will provide the best protection for your home.