Roofing Done Right | Killeen Texas

Every year the hail brings roofers out of the wood work. It always amazes me at just how many new roofing companies emerge after a good storm. And after being in the roofing industry for over 30 years , wow I’m getting old, I know that it takes more than an air gun and a ladder to know the right way to do a roof. And understanding the right way to do a roof is the most important thing you can offer your customer. Just because a roof looks pretty after being installed does not mean that it has been done right.

Hubbert Roofing Knows Roofs

One of the first things you can do as a consumer to hold your roofing company accountable is to be present the day your roof is installed so you can see first hand that things are being done that are supposed to be done. For starters, when a roofing shingles are removed it it important to go down to the bare wood. This allows the roofers to determine that the plywood underneath the shingles is not damaged. Without removing the felt you can not honestly look your home owner in the face in assure him his roof is solid.

The next thing you want to be certain of is that the underlayment is laid over the entire roof including the ridges and hips. This is important and is a step that can not be skipped or taken for granted. I often see roofing companies lay the felt paper around shingle bundles that are on the roof. This raises the chances of future leaks and is unacceptable.

As your roofer begins to shingle your roof, make sure you can hear the nail gun apply 6 nails to every shingle. This is extremely important for a 30 year shingle. Most 30 year shingles have a 130 mile per hour wind warranty. This warranty is voided when a shingle does not have 6 nails.

These are just a few examples of what it takes to do a roof right. When choosing Hubbert Roofing you can rest assured that your roof will be done right and all applicable warranties will be valid and upheld by the manufacturer.