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As we drive in any neighborhood across the U.S. , we see all kinds of roof ventilation systems. Sometimes they can be a real eye soar. But proper roof ventilation is important. Most people know they need some type of ventilation but really don’t understand why. Hubbert Roofing has been roofing in Central Texas for a very long time. We take great pride in consistently educating ourselves on all the latest roofing technologies. We do this to be certain that we are offering our customers the very best service possible. And when it comes to roof ventilation we certainly understand its importance.

Extends Roof and Shingle Life

There really is no simpler way to put it. A well ventilated roof will last longer and look better. The factors of important roof ventilation may vary from state to state depending on climate and humidity. Here in Texas we understand that proper roof ventilation will play a major role in our summer electric bill. The better the ventilation the less stress on the air conditioning system that works hard to cool the house. As the temperature in the house cools, the hotter air rises and needs to be released. When this process functions correctly you will be able to keep the house cool easier and put less stress on the AC unit. In addition, the roof ventilation allows the closed attic spaces to cool themselves. This keeps the actual temperature of the roofing underlayment cooler and extends the life of the shingles. When shingles get hot the tar which is binding your shingles together wears out much faster. So make sure you are properly ventilating your roof.

Moisture Protection

In addition to protecting against the issues described above all of which are related to temperature, proper roof ventilation also protects against moisture build up. Good sound roof ventilation will protect the entire roof and all of the roofing components especially the roofing framework also known as trusses. The trusses are made of wood and moisture and wood do not go good together. The roof ventilation allows the moisture to be released that would otherwise build up in the absence of good ventilation. The moisture if built up can also cause mold and mildew underneath the shingles. This will destroy the life of any shingle and can void manufacturer warranties.

Complete Roof Ventilation

A good roof is much more than just good shingles. In our next blog we will talk about the pros and cons of the roofing underlayment and moisture barriers. Remember to choose Hubbert Roofing for all your roofing needs. Hubbert Roofing is located in Killeen Texas and has been in business for over 40 years.

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